This is a compilation of presentations that I have given in my teaching career. Please contact me if you would like me to share any of these presentations with your child’s school Staff or parent organization.
From a former student: “I think that’s great that your back in teaching education. If you could teach teacher’s how to be more like you, no one would EVER complain about learning. I think the key on how good you were is how you got around and helped every one, even the quiet one’s.”

Workshop Comments …

“Looking Past the Image; Listening Beyond the Words”
Regional Workshop, Winchester County Public Schools, VA, December 3, 2001

“Thank you for the workshop you presented to our teachers on December 3, 2001. The information you shared was very helpful and the resource packet will be invaluable.”~ Lynette Johnson, Director of Special Services, Frederick County Public Schools, VA

PEATC Saturday Coffee, “Challenging Behaviors, FBA’s and BIP’s”
Springfield, VA, November 10, 2001

Parents interested in learning how school personnel can better address the challenging behaviors of their children came with many questions and stayed long after the ending time to get information that they could share with school personnel. General comments indicate that school personnel are in need of much training about functional behavioral assessments and positive behavioral interventions and supports required by IDEA ’97 as effective strategies for meeting the challenging behaviors some students may exhibit in a learning environment in which their needs are not being met.

“Reviewing Your Child’s IEP for SY 2001-2002”
Tri-County Youth Services, Waldorf, MD, August 22, 2001

Many thanks and many questions… not enough time.

My overall impression of the parent participants is that they sincerely care about their children’s educational programs. And, they are deeply disappointed in their public schools’ performance in meeting their children’s needs. Most have been bullied into signing IEP’s that they did not understand and ignored when they had questions or concerns. For all, the schools are offering the services that are currently available, violating the spirit of IDEA which mandates meeting the individual needs of the student. Paperwork compliance overshadows the intent of IDEA which is to provide a free, appropriate education to all students, recognizing their strengths, addressing their weaknesses, and valuing their parents’ input during the process. These parents were seeking knowledge in order to be informed advocates for their children. School personnel should also be advocates for their students.

“Instructional Strategies for Students with ADHD”
Culpeper County, VA, George Mason University, VA, T/TAC, August 16, 2001

The videos and lectures were very nicely presented. Perhaps during the school year you could give a presentation to each of the elementary staffs.

Great job! Lots of useful info. Thanks for bringing the books–I’ll definitely be ordering some of them.

I enjoyed the different strategies you recommended. I’m definitely going to try them. Thanks!

I really enjoyed your class. I’m excited about trying your strategies in my classroom…

Excellent job! I usually get antsy with lectures and conferences with less hands-on opportunities, but you kept my attention. Keep up the good work and thank you for being a teacher for students and teachers alike.

This was a good reminder of how difficult the classroom situation can be for these children. I will need to change my classroom strategies some …

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve gone home with so much information. It’s made me excited to start my year. All I can say is “bring ’em on.”

“Managing Student Behavior for Secondary Educators”
Isle of Wight, VA, Summer Seminar, August, 10, 2001

Excellent! Loved your sense of humor. Great examples of personal experiences. Keep up the good work.

I enjoyed your presentation and feel that I have gained a lot of useful information.

Great job. Had a wonderful time in your class. I feel this class is a great help for new and older educators.

I really enjoyed the training. As a new teacher, you’ve given me some good ideas to try. I especially enjoyed the frank discussion of case studies.

This informal method of presentation and reinforcement of key components of managing student behavior was relaxed and relevant. Thanks for your reflections and questioning…making us think beyond our paradigm!

“Classroom Management Strategies for Secondary Educators”
Orange County, VA, Summer Seminar, July 12, 2001

“You can tell a great class when you lose track of time, no one cares, and you’re wanting more.”

PEATC IEP Clinic on Functional Behavioral Assessments and Positive Behavioral Intervention Plans
Springfield, VA, Saturday, March 24, 2001

Energizing information!

Good workshop! I learned a lot.

Good workshop. Helpful and useful information.

“Social Workers in the IEP Process”
Tri-County Youth Services Bureau, Inc., Waldorf, MD, January 10, 2001

Good presentation. Could have used more time.

Enjoyed the training. You provide a lot of information that will help in understanding the special education process.

The training was very helpful and informative. I wouldn’t change anything.

Your presentation was wonderful… I can’t wait to read through all the wonderful information you provided.

Good article. Like the use of positive reinforcement. Fabulous acronym handout–thank you! Great outline–I really liked that you had a specific plan and you were invested in answering our questions. Wonderful handouts. I applaud your dedication–you are an inspiration. Hope you return to do more instructing. Looking forward to looking at your website and getting feedback on my questions.

“Kay’s ABC’s of Classroom Management”
GMU seminar for paraprofessionals in GSE, Fairfax, VA, November 16, 2000

I feel like I could listen to you tell stories for hours! This is a great seminar. So helpful and really inspiring! I am just beginning and get excited when I meet teachers who have so much experience and so many great stories to tell. Thanks.

Stories were great and it would be great to be able to hear them in context with the rest of your presentation! (Time too short.) Thanks! It was great!

This was very helpful! You are an excellent resource for ED teachers. I love the ABC theme. (Kay’s ABC’s of Classroom Management for Secondary Students) Thanks!

I thought it was very helpful: great experience that validates your philosophy.

Very interesting! Thanks!

PEATC IEP Clinic, Springfield, VA, March 18, 2000

“Your seminar was wonderful. Thanks a lot! This was 2 hours with a great teacher.”

“Strategies for Teaching ESL Adults with Suspected Learning Disabilities”
TESOL-PLUS INSERVICE, Fairfax, VA, June 7, 2000

The most fun (presentation) was…

Listening to Kay Jones presenting. She was so full of life and enthusiasm that not listening and learning would have been a crime.

Kay’s class had most of us spellbound with interest; has a “way” to get her point across & was very informative.

Today I learned …

Some new techniques for dealing with older adult learners (Kay Jones)

Ideas to differentiate between no educational opportunity in the past & true LD

How to separate learning disabilities from other problems learners have, how to accept learners’ limitations

How to practice, review, practice, review over and over again and it’s all right to do so!

How important repetition & review is in learning. Every now and then I (the teacher) need to be reminded of effective teaching methods; this done with a freshness!