After Instructor Spreads paper on rape Civilization to Pupils, 15, Oregon high school apologizes

Some blowback is being received by an Oregon school after a three-page comment piece was written by among its instructors and distributed it to staff members and students.

David Lickey’s newspaper has been treated to Grant High School’s “esteemed students and Mr. Leeman,” . The piece begins with Lickey apologizing for interrupting “your lesson along with the train of your conversation in a means that was tumultuous.” He continues to go on about discovering what “rape culture” is.

“I really don’t see it in my own life and also the lives of some of the men and women I have known. Never have I met a man or woman who thinks rape is anything apart from a heinous crime,” he wrote.

Lickey finishes by requesting people who disagree with his thoughts to come to him.

Principal Carol Campbell offered support sessions and delivered a message to parents Friday apologizing to pupils and parents.

“The view of this instructor doesn’t reflect nor support our way of teaching students on sexual assault,” Campbell said. “A powerful contradictory argument ought to be accompanied by counter arguments from credible resources. In this case, the record was shared with very little context with staff and lots of students. We apologize for any injury or negative effect.”

It’s uncertain that punishment, if any, Lickey could confront.