Air2g2 Price

Air2G2 is the perfect product for those that are in charge of working with the grass that is found at golf courses, sporting fields, and many more. Any type of athletic surface that is growing naturally can be properly cared for using this machine. It is able to improve the way that it grows, and it is also useful when it comes to taking care of the greens on a golf course, as well as the tee boxes. 360 Ground Care suggest that if you have a golf course that you are responsible for, let this machine that utilizes science help you improve its overall appearance.

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Will It Take Long To See Results?

This is probably going to take less than a couple weeks to see some positive results. For example, your first and second injections are really going to help. The first one is roughly 6 inches down, with the second one at 1 foot down. This is going to use three separate probes that will put in pockets of air. The thinking behind this particular product is that by aerating the soil, you are going to improve the ability of the grass to grow. You do this at a shallow depth first so that the roots can get energized and grow further, and then a second injection for when they are longer to help them grow even further down.

What Is The Main Purpose Of This Machine?

The primary purpose of this is threefold. It focuses on the compaction of dirt, increasing how porous the dirt is, and enhancing the overall respiratory capabilities. There are other benefits such as it will improve drainage because of the holes that are placed into the ground. There is also going to be very little disruption to the surface level of the soil or grass. There will be an immediate gas exchange which is why it is also very beneficial. It is able to promptly take care of all of this fast. You can have one person running this, or you could have several of these machines which are designed to improve the length of the roots, increase microbial activity, and all of this will lead to the better turf.

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If you don’t have one of these machines, you should seriously consider getting one. It is going to make it much easier to keep your soil healthy. If you have never used this before, then you definitely need to consider obtaining one from one of the local Air2G2 North West companies. If you can find one on sale, you can save money and this may allow you to get even more of them so that you can take care of your grass more effectively.