Best Lash Lift Kit

If you following any of the top beauty gurus on YouTube, you will know that thick, voluminous lashes are a must-have accessory for any almost any event. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with natural, strong and long lashes, so many people have to opt for artificial enhancements. In many cases, a good volumizing mascara is all that is needed to create the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes. However, those looking for a more striking, dramatic effect often opt for fake eyelashes.

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The trouble with temporary glue in fake eyelashes is that they can be difficult to apply and they often don’t last very long. Many people end up losing their fake lashes before the night is over when they go out clubbing. In addition, the glue used to apply these fake lashes can cause skin irritations and in serve cases allergic reactions.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are sewn out onto natural lashes also have some disadvantages. While they last a lot longer and can look more natural, they can also damage the roots of natural lashes. Many people who opt for the semi-permanent option and keep them in for long periods of time end up watching their natural eyelashes fall out. Providing the hair roots have not been permanently damaged, it can take on average six to eight weeks for eyelashes to grow back.

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Fortunately, a good keratin lash lift kit can give you stunning results without damaging your natural eyelashes. The keratin infused volume serum helps to lift eyelashes up from their roots making them appear much thicker and longer. What’s more, keratin can actually strengthen and protect your natural eyelashes promoting further natural healthy growth.

You will find reviews for keratin lash lift kits from many different manufacturers on the web. Reading these reviews can help you to avoid kits that don’t deliver the advertised results. What’s more, you can see lots of before and after photos on the internet to give you an idea as to how your lashes could look. You can also watch step by step instruction videos showing how to apply these kits to ensure maximum volume on YouTube. Many people prefer to get professional eyelash treatments at their local beauty salon. If you can’t afford to go to a professional beauty salon, you might want to ask friends to help you with a lash lift perm.

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On a final note, it’s important to make sure you purchase your keratin lash lift kit from reputable supplier. You need to be sure that the kit meets all of the health and safety standards set out by your country’s government. It is generally not a good idea to buy beauty product from international suppliers on eBay because some countries have much lower standards of safety when it comes to their beauty industries. Many international products contain chemicals that have been banned in the USA. Perhaps the safest place to purchase cosmetic products is the makeup counters in department stores, however, you should expect to pay premium prices in such stores.