Biology Teacher Parodies ‘Hamilton’ to Reach Students

Erick Innis of McMinn County High School at Athens, Tennessee; Photo: YouTube/Erik Innis

Now more than ever, for better or for worse, educators are utilizing hip-hop to attain their pupils. It’s a wise way for educators to relate to the youth and engage them in a degree that’s both entertaining and relevant.

The latest case involves Erick Innis, a McMinn County High School Science teacher at Athens, Tennessee. Innis, a former student turned educator, was looking for a way to attain his pupils when he got the smart idea to parody “My Shot” from Hamilton, ” the hit Broadway musical composed by .

“I understand some work nicely with visual material, a few work nicely with the auditory material, and some people, I believe all of us understand that music sticks”he told WKYC Cleveland. “I am visiting energy from pupils I do not ordinarily find energy from.”

With the support of his pupils, Innis spent annually writing, shooting and editing a six-minute video, covering the basics of biology. Innis raps: [LISTEN]

Now biology, levels keep it orderly
‘Becpoootcomma’ keeps them profoundly in my own memory
If a population is racing towards infinity
there’s a limit within it called ‘carrying capacity’

The video has already garnered over 10,000 views, along with the student and staff body have praised the campaign, lauding Innis for his enthusiasm and willingness to think beyond the box. “He gets kids excited about studying and he really connects with them so they can relate to matters in everyday life with what he’s doing in biology,” McMinn County High School Principal David McDonald told reporters.

Whether they’re referencing a particular artist or coming up with their own raps, educators (the good ones) will always find a way to attain their pupils. It’s potentially the most thankless job at the U.S., and when it were a mere world the very best educators would be celebrated (and compensated) like the very best entertainers.