Packing Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Kids They Will Want to Eat

Packing Healthy School Lunch Ideas Kids Will Want to Eat

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It’s that time of the year where parents who have a child going to school for the first time are crying. While me being a seasoned veteran of this back to school time is looking at packing healthy school lunch ideas.

After all, I haven’t put all that work during the summer telling my kids what is healthy and how it helps them for no reason!

When I was asked by BabbleBoxx if I wanted to check out some great brands for school lunches, I jumped right at the chance. And I was happy to see that many of these items are things that are in our pantry at all times. Of course, my kids found some new favorites as well.

Including Veggies in a Packaged Lunch

One of the very first things I try to add into my kid’s lunches is a nice serving of healthy vegetables. Did you know that Green Giant has made the perfect add-on to any child’s lunch with their Veggie Tots? My kids love their tots, they would eat only that for a meal if I allowed them and with this new product, I actually would consider it.

These Veggie Tots are filled with cauliflower or broccoli and look just like tots that they are used to. The best way to send these in with a lunch is to warm them up in the morning while everyone is eating breakfast and getting ready. Carefully wrap them in aluminum foil and put in a small container to keep them warm as long as possible until lunch time.

My oldest knew there was something different about them but he loved the flavor and he was excited when he saw that they are made from vegetables and that they taste good, thank you for that mom win!

Score a $1 coupon off Veggie Tots to give them a try.

Another favorite way we have to include veggies is by sending in Sensible Portions® Garden Veggie Straws for their healthy snack time but they make a great lunchbox snack as well. You will catch me eating some of these out of the bag with the kids if they ask for it, I figure it’s a fair deal!

They are made up of non-GMO ingredients and gluten-free as well as no artificial flavors or preservatives. I’m a fan of the classic sea salt flavor and the boys seem to really dig the zesty ranch. I highly recommend that you pack these in a lunch on a school field trip, the bags become empty quickly because of the irresistible taste.

Classic Lunchbox Items Made Healthy

Who doesn’t enjoy a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I know I do, but let me tell you how much of a hassle it is to make it for my kids. The crust MUST go when I make them any type of sandwich so I have never sent one to school because I know it would just be a mess. Thankfully Advance Pierre has my back with their PBJamwich!

It’s a frozen crustless peanut butter and jelly (either grape or strawberry) and you can just throw it in the kids’ lunch pail and it will unthaw over time or you can put it in the fridge and give it to them in their lunch in the morning. Their father and I actually enjoyed eating these too, they are packed with flavor!

Now let’s talk about some desserts to include in a healthy packed lunch for kids, how about Entenmann’s® Little Bites® chocolate chip muffins? I can tell you that I always have to buy another package because I end up wanting one at home with my lunch because they are just so soft and easy to eat.

They have no trans fats, most of the flavors are less than 200 calories per bag and no high fructose corn syrup. So happy to see that they are looking out for the health of my child, and me when I’m sneaking these in!

Packing Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Dessert

If I start talking about a sour snack most parents won’t think there’s any way that it could be included in packing healthy school lunch ideas for kids, who could make something sour a better snack? Sour Punch® has risen to that challenge and they have been a favorite brand of mine forever for sour snacks.

Now, their famous Rainbow Straws are made with natural colors and natural flavors as well, there’s only one thing it’s missing which is high fructose corn syrup and that’s a win in my book! Healthy lunch ideas don’t need to be boring, they can have some great taste to them!

Does your family practice clean eating? Perhaps you have a child that is in sports and you want something really good for a protein bar to send with them? RXBARs is the perfect answer for you, and I love them myself after a nice workout. These are a healthy packaged snack with all the goodness of egg whites, fruits, and nuts. Yes, it’s really that simple.

They are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and have no one bit of added sugars to them and the variety of flavors range from nice fruit based bars to some delicious chocolate and some coconut added in. If you’re looking to try these you’re in luck because if you use code BabbleBoxx15 you get 15% off on your first order!

Rounding up our list of packing healthy school lunch ideas, we need to include a drink of course. Drinks have always been the hardest part for me to pack. It always seemed to go to juice boxes but I felt like they were going to be crushed but Korey is so excited to have Fruit Shoot and their new flavor fruit punch in his bag this year.

These juices are made with real fruit juice from concentrate with added water and no added high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. No more worrying about crushing a box when this comes right in a bottle.

Now that I’ve told you my tips for packing a school lunch that is healthy for kids. Tell me some of your tips in the comments!

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