Teacher on Leave After Questioning Whether School Would Let Pro-Life Students Walk Out, Too Much

BenzelScreenshot via CBSRocklin High School in Rocklin, California, put a teacher on paid administrative leave after she allowed pupils discuss the politics of the National School Walkout, which happened around the nation yesterday.

Julianne Benzel told CBS13 that she guesses she got in trouble for suggesting that colleges administrators that condoned the student walkout might be practicing a double standard.

“And so I just kind of used the example which I know it’s really controversial, but I understand it had been the best example I thought of at that time,” stated Benzel. ” [If] a group of students nationwide, or perhaps locally, determined ‘I wish to walk from school for 17 moments’ and proceed from the quad area and protest diplomatic, could that be permitted by our government?”

Her point was seen by her pupils, and the conversation–which happened last weekwas fruitful, according Benzel. On Wednesday, the teacher received a call that she had been put on leave.

Officials didn’t specify exactly what the problem was, but offered the following announcement:

A Rocklin High School teacher was put on administrative leave due to several complaints from students and parents regarding the instructor’s communications concerning today’s student-led civic engagement activities.

Students’ free expression rights should outweigh the nation’s interest in gearing up kids daily, and letting them protest gun violence seemed. However, if it’s OK to protest, then it also ought to be OK to have a whole discussion about the protest. Provided that no student was disciplined for political speech, it appears to me to get Benzel to maintain trouble or like there’s little reason for parents.